ViaAqua18in 3.3 watt Slow Color Changing LED Light & Airstone

A 18″ Slow color changing led and airstone combination that adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium. Leds fully illuminate the aircutian. Each unit use a low wattage led lamps and low voltage transformer.


  • Great night light and tank illuminator
  • Provides a color changing air curtain
  • Adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium
  • Available in 6, 12 & 18 inch models
  • Utilizes low wattage LED lamps and low voltage transformer
  • Self-weighted

Note: Must be fully submersed and air pump is not included

Changing Color Slowly

Product Features

  • Great for night viewing
  • Great night light
  • Adds a whole new decorative dimension to the any aquarium
  • self-weighted
  • Kids love them
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