Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump 4 Watt 4-LPM 2 Outlets with Accessories, Adjustable Oxygen Pump for 20-100 Gallon Fish Tank

The Uniclife air pump is designed to oxygenate your aquarium efficiently and quietly with its low power consumption and advanced air compressing system. You are purchasing a high quality air pump suitable for use with any Freshwater and Marine aquariums.

The pump comes with 2 air stones, 2 return valves and 2 connectors. This model has an adjustable valve – meaning you can adjust the air flow rate.


WE have test Uniclife air pump to work on lowest flow rate, it sound 25 dB, which sound like Rusting Leaves, Ticking Watch.
Then we test it to work on highest flow rate, it sound 43db, which sound like Quiet Whisper at 2 ft., Park.
Sitting on a folded cloth to make it quieter.

Recommended Tank Size: 60 to 400 liter
Voltage: 110~120V 50/60Hz.
Exhaust: 4.0 L/min. 2.0L/min X 2
Pressure: 0.016Mpa.
Power: 4.0W.
Dimensions: 5.1″ X 2.8″X 2.5″.
Internal diameter of Airline: standard 4mm
Length of the power supply cable: 6 ft / 1.8m

Package Includes:
1 x Air Pump
2 x Return Valve
2 x Air Stone
1 x 6.5 ft Airline
2 x Connector

Cut the tubing to the required length. Connect the tubing to the pump and your air stone. Plug in. Simple.
We just ensure that the pump is never lower than the tank. If that is not possible, fit a check valve to stop any water flowing back from the tank into the pump!

Product Features

  • Uniclife Adjustable aquarium air pump is perfect for both Freshwater and Marine Aquariums.
  • 4Watt, 4-LPM, Pressure: 0.016Mpa.
  • Adjustable flow rate with 2 outlets, fit for fish tanks from 20-gallon to 100-gallon.
  • Ultra whisper quiet, Minimum 25dB (sound like rusting leaves, ticking watch) in lowest flow rate.
  • Comes with everything you need. Accessories Includes: 2 x Return Valve, 2 x Air Stone, 2M Airline, 2 Connectors.Come with 1 Year Warranty
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    • Anonymous
    • February 4, 2019

    Quiet, if you treat it right It is adjustable and comes with air stones, back flow valves and connectors, which makes it the best deal at this price point. It is whisper quiet on low, and has a noticeable hum in a silent room when running on high. I’m running the filtration in my 15 gallon tank with this pump set on “medium” and it’s nearly silent… much quieter than my previous powerhead. It also has vibration dampening (soft rubber), sound isolating (pointy) feet. Here’s how to make it even *more* quiet:BUY MORE CAPACITYIf you need quiet, I buy an adjustable pump at a twice the capacity you need, then turning it down to half capacity. The harder the pump has to work, the louder it will be. A bigger pump set to a low setting is actually quieter than a similar design small pump, pumping the same amount of air on “high”.DOUBLE THE HOSEYou can increase airflow on a lower setting buy doubling the hose; here’s how. If you only need one hose, you can pair the…

    • Anonymous
    • February 4, 2019

    Life changing pump!!!!! I know my title sounds overly dramatic, but I’m not kidding. I had a Tetra whisper pump, which is allegedly quiet, and the difference between that and this Uniclife one is day and night. My 20H tank is in my office, 3 feet away from my desk. I decided to add an air stone to my mostly-guppy tank since they were staying at the top quite a bit and gulping air, despite my Aqua Clear 50 HOB filter. So the addition of the air stone really helped the guppies and they immediately stopped gulping the air from the top; as such, I knew I had to deal with an air stone for them and dreaded the noise. Sure enough, I tried that Tetra pump and thought I’d lose my mind, it was so darn loud. I was using it with one of those 4″ blue/green strip airs tones, fyi. The combo was deafening. I couldn’t even think to do my work. I knew I had to try something else.This one is just wonderful. I put about a 3″ piece of airline hose in both outlets and used a check valve on each, then connected…

    • Anonymous
    • February 4, 2019

    Surprised and delighted! I haven’t used an air pump in an aquarium for the past 20 years. Every one I tried before that was so noisy that it drove me crazy. I just set up a 20 gallon quarantine tank and decided to try again. This little pump is almost silent. It makes way less noise than the Aqueon Quiet Flow HOB filter. It is heavy and appears to be very good quality. The accessories should be all you need to get it up and running and you can control the amount of air it produces. I only needed one line, so I used the “T” to join the tubes and make a single line. On the lowest setting, it puts out a huge amount of air. I couldn’t be more pleased.

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