Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Crescent Aquarium Kit

Show Off Your Style

The Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kits are the perfect starter aquariums for kitchens, dormitories, classrooms, and offices. They come in two compact sizes, 3 and 5 gallons, and fit almost anywhere. The sleek and seamless tank is as transparent as glass and the curved front provides a unique and exciting panoramic view of your personal underwater habitat. The low voltage, energy efficient light has 16 bright, white LEDs, providing the perfect amount of illumination. The clear plastic cover helps to reduce water evaporation and has a feeding hole and cut outs for the light, filter and accessory cords. The cover also helps keep your fish friends inside the aquarium.

Simple Set-Up and Maintenance

The Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kits are an effortless way to own and enjoy an aquatic paradise. The Complete Aquarium Set-Up Guide provides step by step instructions to get your aquarium up and running quickly. Attach the mounting bracket to the back of the aquarium, add the LED Light and plug it in. The next step is to hang the Whisper Internal Filter onto the back of the aquarium. Use Tetra AquaSafe to condition the water and then add the water to the aquarium before plugging in the filter.

The pre-assembled, Medium Bio-Bag filter cartridges are quick and easy to use. Just open, rinse under water, and insert into the Whisper filter. The Carbon technology is specifically engineered to absorb odors and discoloration better than competing brands. The dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and fish waste, leaving the water in your aquarium fresh and clean.

To keep your water healthy and safe for your fish, change the Bio-Bag and about 25% of the water once a month.

Everything You Need

Everything you need to get started!

Safe and Reliable

You can count on the Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kits to be safe and reliable for years of enjoyment. The aquarium and cover are made of a clear plastic that resists cracking or shattering. The Whisper filter and Bio-Bag filter cartridge work to ensure that the water in your aquarium remains clean and healthy. The LED Light is low voltage, energy efficient, and you’ll never need to replace a lamp. Each Tetra product comes with a one-year limited warranty protecting against any defects in the materials or workmanship.

Tetra Care


Sign up for TetraCare┬« to help you be successful in your fish keeping endeavor. This is a totally free program with the purchase of these aquarium systems and provides on-line and over the phone support. Once you register, you’ll receive specially timed e-mails to guide you through the first six months of your aquarium experience and beyond. Free direct access to our TetraCare Team is just a phone call away. Just call 1-800-423-6458. Help is available seven days a week.

Product Features

  • Low voltage 16-LED light
  • cartridge based filtration
  • seamless aquarium
  • Curved front
  • Desk top
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