Aqua Illuminations AI Vega Color LED Aquarium Light – White Fixture

The new Vega is a state-of-the-art lighting system with wireless control capabilities, near limitless color possibilities and individual LED sequencing. Product Features Wireless control capabilities Limitless color possibilities LED’s : White/Royal Blue/Blue/Deep Blue

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Aqua Illuminations AI Nano LED Aquarium Light: White Fixture

AquaIllumination Nano White – Super Blue The world`s smallest reef-capable LED fixture, producing the coral growth and shimmer serious aquarists demand. The AI Nano is designed to grow SPS coral in 10 to 30 gallon nano cube aquariums while powerful enough for up to a 24in. cube. Touch Control Controlling settings is as easy as […]

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Aqua Illuminations AI SOL Blue Aquarium LED – White Fixture Color

The new AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue combines the Cree XP Blue with the Cree XP Royal Blue LED lamp to better meet the deeper blue light spectrum demands of many reef enthusiasts. This new LED lamp combination does an incredible job of covering the 450-465 nm range while still producing comparable PAR values to the […]

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JBJ Nano Cubey Aquarium, White

A new edition to JBJ desk top aquarium, High output low temperature long lasting integrated LED lighting system, Red – white and blue of 15 watts of output. Product Features 3 Color LED white-blue-Red All in one aquarium An entry level aquarium

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HOSSENĀ® 2013 New Version! 3W Aquarium 3 Mode Flexible Tank Lamp 48 LED White & Blue Light 85-265V+Power Adapter Saving Energy, Touchable Inductive Switch with Submersible Thermometer for Free

Feature: * BRAND NEW in Box * High lightness LED, long life span. * Extremely energy saving. * Working under safety voltage. * Shading degree is adjustable. * 2 Mode: Only blue light on, or all white & blue light on. * It can be used for water plant and daily lighting. * Soft arm […]

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Jardin Fish Tank Aquarium Green Frame Net Fry Hatchery Breeder, 17 by 12.7 by 16.3cm, White

Easy to install and easy to use. It is important to isolate pregnant fish, giving them peace to give birth separated from community tank fish. After birth, fish can be put back into community tank leaving baby fish to grow large enough in this Fish Net Breeder. Product Features Product name : aquarium net breeder; […]

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ViaAqua 12in 2.7 watt Blue & White LED Light & Airstone

A 12″ blue and white led and airstone combination that adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium. Leds fully illuminate the aircutian. Each unit use a low wattage led lamps and low voltage transformer. Note: Must be fully sumersed Note: Must be fully sumersed Feature Great night light for nocturnal viewing Fully illuminates […]

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