AquaIllumination Hydra LED Light for Aquarium, Black

The AquaIllumination Hydra combines the power of the Vega and SOL in one package. Combined with the AI “New” Controller you have one of the most advanced aquarium led on the market. Product Features Latest LED Technology 80 Degree Optics for Optimal Spread Built in wireless capabilities Compatible with the family of wireless AI Controllers

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Aqua Illuminations AI Vega Color LED Aquarium Light – White Fixture

The new Vega is a state-of-the-art lighting system with wireless control capabilities, near limitless color possibilities and individual LED sequencing. Product Features Wireless control capabilities Limitless color possibilities LED’s : White/Royal Blue/Blue/Deep Blue

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Aqua Illuminations AI Nano LED Aquarium Light: White Fixture

AquaIllumination Nano White – Super Blue The world`s smallest reef-capable LED fixture, producing the coral growth and shimmer serious aquarists demand. The AI Nano is designed to grow SPS coral in 10 to 30 gallon nano cube aquariums while powerful enough for up to a 24in. cube. Touch Control Controlling settings is as easy as […]

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Maxspect Nano Razor R420R 16,000K LED Light Fixture

Maxspect Razor R420R Nano 16000K 60W LED Light Fixture Information Slim & Elegant Built with a slim and low profile body, the R420R Nano LED Lighting System is design to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance. The R420R also comes with an adjustable tank-top mounting bracket. Overall dimensions: 8.6″ long, 10.5″ wide and […]

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Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium with 21-LED Light, Black

Edgy is precisely the word to describe Fluval EDGE. It’s so out there on so many fronts; it’s cool, trendy, breathtaking, contemporary and stylish. Its striking 3D cube design is refreshingly new and revolutionary. EDGE is an eye-catching showpiece that stands out anywhere you put it. It includes LED lighting, so it makes a spectacular […]

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biUbe Aquarium with LED Light, Black, 9 Gallons

The biUbeā„¢ combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a ‘hi-tech’ aquarium. The 9-gallon fish bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits and fish keeper. biOrb’s stylish, globe-shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location. Together with […]

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Finnex Ray2 Aquarium Day/Actinic LED Light, 48-Inch

This Contemporary Ultra Slim designed LED fixture features a series of intensive PAR LEDs to promote Marine and Freshwater growth. All models feature a moisture resistant PC Splash Guard to protect against water mishaps. The durable high output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours. A unique leg fixture allows this LED light to […]

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Mr. Aqua Ultrathin Aquarium LED Clip Light

Mr. Aqua ultrathin LED is made of brush aluminum, very light weight, the light itself only measures 5/16-Inch. The light features green fluorescent edge on each side. The ultrathin LED is able to set on both frameless or frame tank. Product Features Only 3/8 thickness Made from Aluminum Design to Clip on Frameless Tank 110V […]

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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light for Aquarium, 48 to 60-Inch

The Satellite Freshwater LED includes a LED fixture, 2 adjustable docking mounts, 1 12V DC UL Transformer and 1 Inline Wired LED Remote Control. Product Features Ultra bright 6500K white LEDs and rich 445nm blue LEDs New sleek, low profile design Independent control of the white and blue LEDs New “Dynamic Mode” effects that mimic […]

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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium, 48 to 60-Inch

The Satellite Freshwater LED Plus includes a LED Plus fixture, 2 adjustable docking mounts, 1 12V DC UL Transformer and 1 Wireless LED Remote Control. Product Features Ultra bright 6500K white LEDs and full spectrum RGB LEDs New sleek, low profile design Each color is individually adjustable for endless custom color blends New “Dynamic Mode” […]

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