Lee’s Two-Way Guppy Breeder

Lee’s Two-Way Guppy Breeder is ideal for isolating injured or aggressive fish Product Features Comes with lid and features a removable -inchV-inch partition Use as a maturation tank for fry Has side vents for optimum water flow

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Guppy Molly viviparous fish Internal in-tank breeder / breeding box / BABY BOX DX (clear plastic) freshwater or marine aquarium / protection for fish or shrimp fries

JPD AQUARIUM FISH BABY BREEDER BOX DX size: approx. (H)112mm x (W)155mm x (D)85mm material: clear plastic with 4 suction cups Note: Please note that the air pump is not included in the package. Product Features suitable for freshwater, marine, shrimp aquariums. ideas for viviparous fish (e.g. guppy) protection for fish / shrimp fries removable […]

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