Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium, 5 galllon

Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium – Simple and Elegant Desktop Fish Tank and Small AquariumMany of us have wanted an aquarium at some point, but we were discouraged by the common viewpoint that aquariums, even small aquariums, are a chore to clean and to maintain. Another reason for hesitation is that most aquariums do not […]

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Aqueon 17772 Mini Bow 2-1/2 Desktop Aquarium Kit, Blue

Now you can fit a beautiful aquarium into any home and decor with the Mini Bow Desktop Aquarum Kit. The Mini Bow 2-1/2 is small enough for a desk, bedside table, or countertop and comes with all components needed for a healthy aquarium environment. Kit Includes: Mini Bow 2-1/2 Aquarium, Mini Bow Quiet Flow Filter […]

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