Reflection Fish Bubble – Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Introducing Mirrored Fish Bubbles! These hip and trendy fish tanks can be hung virtually anywhere! They require no pump or filtration! You can decorate your Fish Bubble with any aquarium accessories and keep goldfish, bettas, African Dwarf frogs or any other “easy-to-maintain” freshwater fish in a cool happy home on a wall! Buy 3 or […]

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Bubble Bowl. Hand Blown Glass, Not Machine Made (Pack of 12 pcs)

Bubble Bowl: H-4.5″, Opening D-4.25″, Body D-6″ Product Features Measures: H-4.5″, Opening D-4.25″, Body D-6″ 100% Hand Blown Glass, Not those machine-made glass Perfect for Events and Contemporary Home D├ęcor Fast Shipping Pack of 12 pcs

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