Lee’s Two-Way Guppy Breeder

Lee’s Two-Way Guppy Breeder is ideal for isolating injured or aggressive fish Product Features Comes with lid and features a removable -inchV-inch partition Use as a maturation tank for fry Has side vents for optimum water flow

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Guppy Molly viviparous fish Internal in-tank breeder / breeding box / BABY BOX DX (clear plastic) freshwater or marine aquarium / protection for fish or shrimp fries

JPD AQUARIUM FISH BABY BREEDER BOX DX size: approx. (H)112mm x (W)155mm x (D)85mm material: clear plastic with 4 suction cups Note: Please note that the air pump is not included in the package. Product Features suitable for freshwater, marine, shrimp aquariums. ideas for viviparous fish (e.g. guppy) protection for fish / shrimp fries removable […]

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40 gallon Breeder Versa Aquarium Top, 36″ x 18″ Clear

Our glass tops are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Each Versa-Top features a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to custom fit your accessories. Special store use Versa-Tops feature heavy 3/16 glass with notched Corners for air lines and larger glass sections that allow […]

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Jardin Fish Tank Aquarium Green Frame Net Fry Hatchery Breeder, 17 by 12.7 by 16.3cm, White

Easy to install and easy to use. It is important to isolate pregnant fish, giving them peace to give birth separated from community tank fish. After birth, fish can be put back into community tank leaving baby fish to grow large enough in this Fish Net Breeder. Product Features Product name : aquarium net breeder; […]

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