Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium, 18 to 24-Inch

The Satellite Freshwater LED Plus includes a LED Plus fixture, 2 adjustable docking mounts, 1 12V DC UL Transformer and 1 Wireless LED Remote Control. Product Features Ultra bright 6500K white LEDs and full spectrum RGB LEDs New sleek, low profile design Each color is individually adjustable for endless custom color blends New “Dynamic Mode” […]

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Marineland ML Double Bright LED Light, 18-Inch to 24-Inch

Double Bright LED Lighting System Equivalent to Two Flourescant Tubes Enhance the Beauty of Your Aquatic Landscape with Illumination The Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting System is the perfect solution for bringing color and high definition to your underwater environment. Bulky power hungry light fixtures are a thing of the past because the Marineland Double […]

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