SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo (Clear)

Constructed of the finest cast acrylic, a SeaClear Aquarium Combo will offer years of dependable service. It’s less than half the weight of comparably sized glass tanks and its exceptional clarity allows unobstructed views of the underwater world you create.Acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass and other commonly used aquarium materials.SeaClear Aquariums are all acrylic, with no degradable sealers. Seams are molecularly bonded and heat polished, not joined with glue or sealers. This means your SeaClear Aquarium will be virtually leak and breakproof.Because acrylic is impervious to the corrosive effects of saltwater, SeaClear Aquariums are safe for both fresh and saltwater use.Includes a fluorescent light fixture (bulb not included) and manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

Product Features

  • Virtually leak and breakproof acrylic aquarium is less than half the weight of a comparably sized glass tank
  • The SeaClear Aquarium is safe for fresh or saltwater use
  • Includes fluorescent fixture
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    • R Read "Yorkie Lover"
    • August 1, 2013

    Acrylic Tanks are great! 50 gallon acrylic tank was delivered quickly, and very well packed with cushioning. The light fixture only contains one fluorescent bulb, which is just barely enough light to show plants and fish. If I hadn’t positioned aquarium near window, the plants would not have gown well. I recommend either adding another bulb, or replacing the fixture with something that puts out more light.

    • In no sense guilty
    • August 1, 2013

    Nice Tank too bad it’s sold by Petco.com It’s real tall, 20 inches, I thought it was going to be 18. The front and sides are all 1 piece, with slightly rounded corners and the back corners are welded to the back piece so it has square back corners. This design make for one continuous view like some of their bowed front tanks but with a more convenient shape. It’s frameless so the have a top piece welded to support the piece from bowing or separating as it ages. The free “light” is junk. I tossed mine in the garbage. They should save some costs and skip it. It’s 10-20 cents worth a plastic and a $10 (full retail) expand-a-light fixture held in by to cheap plastic grommets. It’s just barely 36″ inches so a 36″ Odyssea light (on 3 separate timers) mounts real low since it fit a bit (1/4″) longer and the light will slip off the support brackets in the upper position. I’d suggest you consider a 30″ light (24″ will not properly light it if you expect to use plants) if you can find one or just…

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