Schuber Wright Beveled Rimless Aquarium, 4-Gallon

The official North American agent of Schuber Wright products. The Schuber 4 is constructed out of ultra high grade glass. The heavy duty thick 6mm low iron glass is features super white side panes of glass rated a 91.5-Percent transparency. Also featured is the Schuber Wright black garden mat, already incorporated to the bottom of the aquarium, to prevent damages to both surface and aquarium. As shown, the elegantly beveled front pane of glass gives this aquarium the superiority look aquarist dire for. Dimensions: 31cm x 19cm x 25cm (H) ; 6mm.

Product Features

  • 6mm thick Super White Glass
  • Garden Mat Included
  • Elegantly Beveled Front Pane
  • Crystal Clear High Quality Aquatics
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 19cm x 25cm (H) ; 6mm
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