Marineland PA0100 Filter Pad, 312-Square-Inch, Bonded

Magnum canister filter filter pad. Product Features Filter pad used in magnum or sumps 312-Square Inch Magnum canister filter filter pad bonded

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Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

The Umbra FishHotel is an award-winning modern home for your finned friends. Modeled after a contemporary condominium, this reinvented aquarium features a sleek white shell with assymetrical “windows.” Individual units can be stacked to create a condo effect. Glass bowl is removable for cleaning. Product Features Stackable aquarium with striking modern design Glass bowl with […]

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Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium

Desk top aquarium kit featuring a soothing waterfall into a handblown glass bowl look and LED lighting technology and includes Tetra’ s whisper filtration. Product Features Pump driven power filter Unique waterfall feature cartridge based filtration On/off button for light Desk top, 1.8 gallons

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Aqueon 1-Gallon Mini Bow Aquarium Kit, Black

Brighten up a small space with the Aqueon Mini Bow Aquarium Kit. The compact size of the aquarium makes it great for use on a desktop, in a dorm room and in other small spaces, while the bow-front design still provides fish with plenty of swimming room. The aquarium is easy to set up and […]

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Marina Slim Filter Zeolite Plus Ceramic Cartridge – 3-Pack

The Marina Slim Filter Zeolite Plus Ceramic Cartridge combines Zeolite and Ceramitek in one cartridge for a healthy aquarium. The Zeolite effectively adsorbs toxic ammonia and reduces stress on fish, while the Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic biological filter medium optimizes biological filtration. The easy-to-use disposable cartridge should be replaced every two weeks. Never replace […]

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Tetra 26333 Whisper EX Carbon Filter, Large/4-Pack

Now a carbon filter as innovative as the Whisper EX filtration system it’s designed to fit. Tetra carbon filters’ layers of multi-density floss effectively trap even the smallest particulates while activated carbon rapidly eliminates odor, discoloration, impurities, and toxins.the result? Water that’s clear, healthy, and polished.carbon filters come ready-to-use and include one patented timestrip change […]

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GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light, 5-Gallon

GloFish 5 Gallon Curved-front aquarium is a beautiful aquarium for GloFish Fluorescent fish. The LED lights in the bubbler enhance the color of the GloFish while the bubbler causes the aquarium to constantly change. Product Features 5 Gallon Curved-front aquarium with included Microfilter and Medium Bio-Bag 15 Blue LEDs in the attractive hammerhead light enhance […]

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Marineland LED Aquarium Kit – 10 Gallon

Marineland LED Aquarium Kits integrate super bright, energy efficient LED lighting into the modern hood design. The hinged, easy-access hood includes both white and blue LEDs that provide a natural shimmering effect in the water day and night. Penguin BIO-wheel filtration keeps your habitat clean and fish healthy. A 3-way switch allows for full lighting, […]

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Marineland Eclipse Seamless Integrated Aquarium System, 5 Gallons, Hex

Own an Attractive Window to Another World The Marineland Eclipse Integrated Aquarium Systems are perfect aquariums for your home or office. They are offered in two sizes a uniquely shaped Hex 5 and a curved-front System 12 giving you the choice of the size that best fits your space. Your aquarium will be the center […]

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R2 Dual Extreme Aquarium Moonlight

All aquariums have a daylight system. These must be turned off at night for your fish to experience normal day/night cycles. The problem is you can’t see your fish! The R2 Moonlight replicates moonlight in a tank and creates a great ambiance at night in your aquarium for viewing your fish (a beautiful, blue, shimmering, […]

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