Midwest Tropical AquaTower Aquarium Pentagon

Vertical aquariums create decorative living seascapes. AquaTower… an ever-changing column of water, fish and flora becomes the focal point of any room in your home or office. Sleek, free-standing geometric shapes fit anywhere and are specially designed for use where floor space is limited. A silent, serene environment to relax guests in reception areas, conference rooms or executive suites. Each AquaTower arrives complete and ready for quick setup… all you do is add the fish! The crystal clear, hand-formed acrylic is enhanced by a high-gloss header and base that conceal pump, filter and lighting. Includes: pump, filter, lighting, decorative plants and easy-to-follow instructions. Plus food, water conditioner, special magnetic cleaners and AquaBlock algae inhibitor.The shape of this aquarium makes it primarily decorative. The shape of your aquarium can determine the quantity and types of fish best suited for it. To ensure the health of the animals being put in this aquarium, be sure to tell your aquatic specialist the dimensions, as well as the gallons before buying fish.

Product Features

  • Relax all who enter your home or office with the breath-taking blend of water, fish, and flora
  • This 30 gallon designer tower aquarium features a high gloss header and base concealing the included pump, filter and lighting
  • Hand made in the USA
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