Marineland Penguin Power Filter, 50 to 70-Gallon, 350 GPH

Easy Enough for the Beginner

Whether you’re a first-time aquarist or consider yourself a hobbyist the Marineland Penguin Power Filter is right for you. Because it comes in four different sizes this filter is perfect for any small to medium aquarium 20-70 gallons. It does a superior job with the bio-load of Tropical Community Fish Oscars and African Cichlids. Leftover food and fish waste particles disappear in minutes due to the filter’s replaceable Rite Size cartridges ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your fish and plants.

Handy Chart to Help You Pick the Right Penguin for Your Aquarium

Product Certified Flow Rate Aquarium Size Rite Size Media Penguin 100B 100 GPH Up to 20 gallons A Penguin 150B 150 GPH Up to 30 gallons B Penguin 200B 200 GPH Up to 50 gallons C Penguin 350B 350 GPH Up to 70 gallons C

3-Stage Filtration Advantage

Each Marineland Penguin Filter is designed with an effective easy 3-stage filtration system consisting of biological chemical and mechanical filtration. The BIO-Wheel was designed to grow the beneficial bacteria that is needed for biological filtration and has been proven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrites. Also the BIO-Wheel comes with a noise reducing cover making this filter more convenient and enjoyable for all fish owners. The replaceable Rite-Size filter cartridge provides the mechanical and chemical filtration screening out the dirt and debris and removing odors discoloration and impurities. The 100% water to media contact ensures a crystal clear healthy environment for your plants and fish. This type of 3-stage system will guarantee that your aquatic environment thrives to its highest ability.

Start-up and Maintenance

The Penguin Power Filter requires virtually no set-up making it perfect for any fish lover. Simply follow the manual in connecting the parts and then hang it onto the back of your tank. Be sure to prime your filter with aquarium water before you plug it in. Once you have set-up your filter you can adjust the water flow by using the mid-level strainer. After the initial set- up maintenance of this filter is quite easy. Simply remove and replace the filter cartridge after approximately one month and clean the filter as needed.

Handy Chart to Help You Pick the Right Filter for Your Size Aquarium

Product Tank Size Level Aquarist Type of Filter Type of BIO-Technology Type of Water Environment Penguin Small-Medium Beginner Hang-on-Tank BIO-Wheel Freshwater/Emperor Emperor Medium Beginner-Enthusiast Hang-on-Tank BIO-Wheel Freshwater/Emperor C-Series Canister Medium-Very Large Tanks Enthusiast Canister BIO-Filter Balls Freshwater/Emperor


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Product Features

  • Certified flow rate of 350GPH, perfect for all aquariums up to 70-gallon, uses two Rite-Size C” filter cartridges”
  • Delivers easy, three stage mechanical, chemical, and biological aquarium filtration
  • Convenient Penguin Rite Size Cartridges come ready to use with each filter
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    • U. Unzueta
    • August 1, 2013

    Been very good to me. Did my research and people couldnt tell the difference from the Emperor 400. So i bought this since it’s price tag was way cheaper than the 400. Ive been running this for about 2 months on my 75 gallon tank. I have an Oscar and they’re messy eaters and leave particles in the water from some certain types of foods. The particles dissapear after 20 minutes due to the power filter’s water gallon suction ratio. I completely love how silent it is. You need to fill the tank up to at least the waterfall lips of the filter so you wont hear the water splashing. Good good stuff here.

    • C. Cooke
    • August 1, 2013

    Only one drawback… I have a 55 gallon community tank with angels, pleco’s, clown loaches, and cory cats. Some messy fish, but this filter carries the load. My only recommendation is to clean the intake tube with each water change. It gets pretty gunked up, very easily.

    • J. Beals "Condor Italiano"
    • August 1, 2013

    Best filter EVER. Don’t listen to the 1-star crowd. I have had my Penguin 200 with the bio-wheel for about a month now. Before I bought it, I did some research and read the reviews about this particular model. I saw all the bad press people were giving it about it’s “restart problems” and “Bad Connections” etc. etc. and I have to say, the only problem with the P-200 are the short-bus riders who don’t have their water ALL THE WAY UP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OUTPUT AREA.5*s*t*a*r*s, the bio-wheel is super, it isn’t noisy (you know it’s on, but it doesn’t stop you from reading a book), and my fish have personally told me that they love it. My fish talk to me.

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