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Marineland Eclipse Integrated 12 Gallon Aquarium Is Perfect For Beginners

Complete Integrated System

Ready to begin the fascinating hobby of tropical fish keeping? Are you trying to decide on the ideal all-in-one integrated aquarium system?

The greatest advantage of the Marineland Eclipse Integrated Aquarium System is best described in its integrated design and simplicity. This complete combined aquarium has a seamless lightweight acrylic finish creating an unobtrusive view of your tropical habitat,  a built in light and hood, a built in filtration system that includes a BIO-Wheel®  and since the filtration system is self-contained, you will never have tangled external air tubing or hear noisy air pumps or bother with an external hung on the back filter system.

If the filter isn’t reason enough to purchase the Eclipse 12, the 13 Watt  5,000 k  Natural Daylight compact fluorescent light included in the unit is a good selling point.

The full-spectrum lighting easily lets you see all your aquarium fish and enhances their fish colors. In addition the lighting promotes aquatic plant growth in natural daylight, creating a wonderful natural environment.

Marineland Eclipse 12 imageA complete integrated aquarium system that is ready right out of the box and takes little effort to setup. I recommend this Marineland Eclipse Aquarium which just perfect for beginners and a great starter kit for children or anyone who wants an easy to maintain aquarium in the home or office.


Clean Sparkling Water

Built within the hinged lid is the patented BIO-Wheel® which  creates a wet/dry biological  filtration system that circulates the water at 150 gallons per hour.

As the  BIO-Wheel® rotates, it contacts the water and air and creates beneficial  bacteria that provides more oxygen that need to grow and flourish which then aids in removing harmful ammonia from the aquarium water.  The BIO-Wheel®  rarely never needs replacing and requires virtually no maintenance to help keep your aquarium water healthy and sparkling clean.

Eclipse Filter Cartridge

The Eclipse filter cartridge traps debris and also contains the highest-grade activated carbon that helps in the removal of odor and discoloration and its primary reason is to remove dissolved organic matter aiding the water in keeping it sparkling clean. Although the filter cartridge will need to be replaced every 2 weeks to a month depending on your aquarium needs.

Never rinse your filter cartridge with regular tap water if it becomes clogged. The chlorine in the tap water will kill your beneficial bacteria instantly and you may have to start the aquarium nitrogen cycle all over again. If you use tap water use a product called Prime by Seachem to remove chlorine from tap water before placing the filter back into the tank.

Please be sure to read about the important aquarium nitrogen cycle before adding any fish into the aquarium.

How often should I make aquarium water changes?

Making  aquarium water changes depends on how many fish you have.  In lightly stocked tanks, I would recommend changing 10 percent of the water once a week. You should vacuum the gravel once every two weeks depending on the population of your tank.  A heavier stocked fish tank will need larger (25% or more) weekly water changes and gravel vacuuming.

The Bottom Line

Attractive, easy to maintain unit that is well worth the cost. Marineland 12 Gallon Tank

All in all, this Marineland Eclipse Aquarium is worth the sales price and will bring years of enjoyment as you dive into the wonderful world of  fish. I absolutely recommend this tank to anyone who wants an easy aquarium to maintain. It’s simple to set up, easy to maintain, easy to clean, quiet, and can be placed just about anywhere.

  • System 12 Dimensions:
    21″ L x 11-1/2″ W x 17-1/2″ H.
  • Water Flow Rate- 150 GPH
  • Replacement Filter-Rite Size “G”


  • Durable Acrylic finish, light-weight and seamless
  • 3-Stage Bio-Wheel filtration keeps the Eclipse System  crystal clear.
  • Fluorescent lighting built in
  • Streamlined hood and filtration system are unobtrusive and make the tank look uncluttered
  • Marineland offers more great Eclipse Systems, available in these sizes: Curved Front 2 and 3 gallon, a unique Hex 5 gallon and a Corner 5 gallon
  •  Includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty


  •  Must lift the light to get into the aquarium
  •  Cost higher than some conventional packages
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