JBJ 24 Gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium 2X36W Compact Fluorescents & LED Moonlights

The new JBJ 24 Gallon Nano-Cube Deluxe Aquarium provides ample room with a 18″ X 19.6″ X 19.7″ footprint. This larger cube is for the serious hobbyist that desires the integrated features of the 12 Gallon but with more room for coals, fish and inverts. The 24 Gallon Deluxe is offered with the same reliable electronic ballast with a disconnect cable. Built into the hood is a lighting system with two 36 watt 50/50 compact fluorescent lamps and two 60mmX60mm cooling fans.

Product Features

  • Capacity: 24 Gallons
  • Dimensions:18″x19.6″x19.7″
  • Pump flow: 290 gph
  • Tank: Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners.
  • Provides the ideal dimensions for a mini-reef tank that requires depth for proper rock stacking
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