Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector Attachment for pumps and powerheads

The Flo Rotating Water Deflector created a beneficial wave effect which moves plants and invertebrates. Rotating water deflector is applicable, with proper adaptors, to the outlet of any pump or filter. Move the aquarium water increasing oxygenation and surface gas exchange preventing the formation of the white line” effect.”

Product Features

  • Suitable for marine and tropical aquariums
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Beneficial wave effect
  • No extra energy
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    • M491
    • December 12, 2013

    Easy to fix if not working I was very skeptical about buying after seeing so many people say the FLO broke shortly after purchase. I had mine for one week and it too stopped. I like to work on things rather than throw away and figured it would be easy to take apart. There is a white snap connector on the front of the FLO and you simply push it together and the entire device comes apart. In my case a small saltwater snail lodged inside the gear that rotates the FLO and I simply rinsed off the part and put it back together and it works fine. If you have any issues take this apart and there are really 5-6 parts that make the entire unit up so it is easy to clean or fix. Now knowing how easy this is to fix I wish I had it long ago. It does a great job of mixing the water flow from the nano tank pump in my Biocube. It is a very good buy in my opinion and necessary for any nano tank.

    • renn12m
    • December 12, 2013

    Works well I love this product because it eliminates the need for a more expensive wavemaker to generate random flow. However, as others have stated, it will randomly stop rotating if it is not properly maintained. I remove it from the powerhead every few weeks and give it a scrub to make sure everything is clean, and then let it soak overnight in a vinegar solution every few months to remove any calcium/coralline algae deposits. I’ve had it for over a year and it still works fine!

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