Homasy 80 GPH (300L/H, 4W) Submersible Water Pump, Ultra Quiet For Pond, Aquarium, Fish Tank Fountain, Powerful Water Pump with 5.9ft (1.8m) Power Cord


US Standard Plug is included in the package,which is only suitable for the US, Canada and Mexico

The Homasy submersible pump features compact, multifunctional, and detachable, perfect for aquarium, tabletop fountains, water garden and hydroponic systems.


Compact & Powerful
Compact design is great for space-saving on your tabletop fountain. The maximal flow rate can be up to 80 gallons per hour. Lift height can be up to 2.6ft.



1. Please use socket with stable voltage and keep the motor running within rated power to ensure long lifespan.

2. Prohibit no-load running. Put the pump into water first before connecting power supply. When changing water, please disconnect power supply. It would shorten its lifespan and lead to making loud noises when running in the air for long time.

3. If the product suddenly stop working or make noises, which may caused by debris blockage. Please clean it regularly about once every two months, or add some olive oil on the rotor.

4.Please note if the water level, layout of the water tank match the bump power before purchasing. If the water is too little, motor power is too high, so as the water flow level, the swashing water would make loud noises. Different bump suits different water tank.

5. The maximum flow rate is 80GPH; there might be a plus-minus tolerance, Insufficient power and insufficient frequency would affect the flow rate.If connected with a water pipe, the maximum flow rate would less than 80GPH. If the water sprays out the container, the flow rate would also less than 80GPH.


Max Flow Rate: 80 GPH (300L/H)
H-Max (Lift Height): 2.6ft (0.8m) 
Power: 4 Watts
Voltage: 110 – 120 V @ 60Hz
Length of Power Cord:5.9ft(1.8m) 
Dimension: 1.87in x 1.68in x 1.24in (47mm x 43mm x 30mm)


Package Included: 
Water Pump x 1
8.5mm Nozzle x 1
13mm Nozzle x 1

Product Features

  • Ultra Quiet Design & Perfect Motor. The relible and duarable motor does not produce much noise, giving you quiet environment. It can elevate column of water up to 2.6ft ( 0.8m)
  • Adjustable Flow Rate. Designed with a adjusting knob, allowing to adjust the water flow rate, the maximal flow rate can be up to 80GPH(300L/H).
  • Detachable & Cleanable. No need any tools to detach it, easy to seperate, easy to clean.
  • Compact & Mini Size. The mini size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise in the water. Suction cups is great for mounting onto the glass surface. Dimensions:1.87in x 1.68in x 1.24in (47mm x 43mm x 30mm)
  • Multifunction & Two Nozzles. This submersible pump is designed for small to medium size aquarium, tabletop fountains, water gardens and hydroponic systems. Equipped with two nozzles, one is 8.5mm diameters, the other is 13mm, providing different water flow effects
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    • Anonymous
    • February 4, 2019

    but every few days when set that low it would pretty much slow to next to nothing until I cranked … Dirt cheap and decent flow for something so small. For my purposes I actually had it turned way down to get the flow I wanted, but every few days when set that low it would pretty much slow to next to nothing until I cranked the dial up and then back down again. Now I’ve got it cranked up higher, trading more flow than I want for hopefully not having to mess with it so much. Hopefully it will just continually push out the flow it is set at now. All in all I don’t have much faith in it lasting very long. I’m not bothered, it’s a cheap little pump, but when it goes I won’t be buying the same one again.————Update: Was contacted by VicTsing customer support who were very nice and offered to send a new pump. The replacement arrived quickly and has been working flawlessly for the last couple of weeks. It adjusts a lot more smoothly than the first, and once set the flow rate stays where I want it. Nice to see a company make so much effort to get a working product to…

    • Anonymous
    • February 4, 2019

    Works GREAT with PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain This submersible pump is perfect for my needs.Years ago I bought a PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain for my cats. They love it, I love it. We’re all happy. But then the pump went out, and I was looking at buying a replacement fountain and stumbled across this fantastic water pump. I thought I would give it a try before spending so much cash on all the parts of the PetSafe Fountain I didn’t need (I have it, I only needed the pump).Anyway, I read the reviews and saw that someone else had success with it in a similar situation and decided to go for it.This pump is GREAT for my PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain.To know:If you are using it as I am in a PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain, you cannot adjust the speed once you have it in place without taking the Fountain apart. That said, I have mine set on low and it’s exactly perfect for my cats’ water. (I never really toggled for speed/flow before, either, when the toggle was easily accessible,…

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