Hagen Fluval View Aquarium, 4-Gallon

The Fluvial View Aquarium is a 4 gallon aquarium with a unique oval shape that allows a clear and unobstructed view of your Aqua scape. It comes complete with integrated LED lighting, pump and filter, creating an amazingly healthy aquatic environment with a brilliant view. A powerful LED lighting system includes 3 positions: On/Off switch, Bright Daytime and Deep Blue Night-time. The aquarium can be set up as a cold, temperate or tropical environment.

Product Features

  • 4 gallon plastic aquarium with removable cover
  • LED lighting includes 10 white and 1 blue bulb
  • Equipped with a low voltage power supply
  • Includes an integrated pump, filter and LED lighting
  • Measures 15 1/4″H x 9″D x 17 1/4″ W
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    • Paul "mapsy"
    • December 11, 2013

    Effective aquarium I am pleased with this aquarium, because the filter pump is quiet, access is easy, the lighting is visually effective, and it holds a relatively large volume of water given its small “foot” profile. The disadvantages are the flip side of the advantages and should be attended to carefully by potential buyers. The aquarium has a small surface to vertical depth ratio; therefore, it may be prone to oxygen depletion, yet an aeration system is not included. (I did not need one, because I use mine to house a betta fish who can breathe atmospheric oxygen, and I also find other ways to aerate.) The filter pump is quiet but also powerful, which may trouble some fish, as other reviewers suggested. (My betta fish manages just fine, but he does seek out the less turbulent areas to rest.) The lighting is visually effective, but it probably isn’t enough for the plants, and it would have been nice to have a cheap timer or clock to go with it. Given that this aquarium has enough volume for two…

    • Enso
    • December 11, 2013

    Excellent value This is a great tank for a small number of fish — aethetically beautiful, easy to maintain so far, and very quiet. Set-up is easy. Just be careful when adding the gravel substrate because all acrylic tanks scratch easily. You’ll need to purchase a small, compact heater (15 to 25 watts) to fit in the filter compartment, and add water conditioner and a liquid cycling agent if you want to add fish at the time of set up. A small sample of Nutrafin Cycle was included with the aquarium and worked well. Bettas don’t like currents and the two small water returns in this tank do produce minimal vertical currents, but my betta figured out pretty quickly how to manage around those. Three weeks post-set-up, he seems very happy with his new space.

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