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The Fluval 06 series of aquarium canister filters takes aquarium filtration to the next level. The 06 Series filters offer several state of the art features to ensure reliable operation and trouble free maintenance. The Fluval 06 line has improved filter performance and water quality for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. The system is designed for an easier set-up and start-up. These Fluval canister filters are made for aquariums ranging in size from 25-100 gallons, each backed by a three year warranty.

Features include a complete set of mechanical, chemical & biological filter media, an instant prime system that ensures a quick start-up, single motion lift-lock canister clamps, a clog proof intake strainer, a dual layer pre-filter foam screen, a user manual and quick start guide. Everything you need to get your Fluval 06 Filter going is supplied making installation easy for even the first time aquarium owner, while delivering performance that will satisfy the most advanced aquarium hobbyist.

Fluval Advanced Filtration Media

The stack of media baskets in the Fluval 06 Series Filters enables you to employ all three types of filtration in whatever configuration or sequence you determine is best to meet the needs of your aquarium environment.

Aquarium water filtration always begins with a mechanical stage of waste particle removal. This prepares the water for subsequent flow through the Media Baskets filled with mechanical, chemical and biological media. Here is an example on how the media baskets are set up out of the box.


Increased pressure and circulation

Noise Chart

Lower Level Basket
This Media basket continues the mechanical media Fluval BioFoam, this media will capture the very smallest organic particles that may have pass through the pre-filter before they can clog delicate pores of biological or chemical substrates. The BioFoam also provides a large surface to accommodate bacteria colonies, providing an ideal environment for proliferation of beneficial bacteria and increasing the biological action of Fluval BIOMAX. The BioFoam is not included in the Fluval 106 Model which has a flow rate that allows for very efficient organic particle removal.

Mid Level Baskets
The mid level baskets are a good place to begin the biological reduction process. A lot of media types provide both mechanical filtration and biological treatment, creating an excellent environment for beneficial bacteria to proliferate. With the primary mechanical purification of the water stream occurring in the Foam Screen Frame and the lower basket, it is typical to load biological media as BIOMAX into the mid level baskets.

Upper Level Basket
This basket receives the clearest water, making it the ideal place for dedicated chemical media. For example place Carbon in this basket, carbon efficiently removes discolorations, medications and solubilized wastes that a mechanical screen cannot. To increase the action of chemical filter media and to prevent clogging from micro-articulate, it is suggested to use a Polishing Pad just prior to the chemical media. The fine filtration and chemical materials require more frequent maintenance than biological materials and their placement at the top makes it easier to wash and/or replace without affecting the biological media.

What’s New in the Fluval 06 Filter Canisters?


Re-Engineered Priming System
This powerful primer plunger functions in unison with the secondary check valve resulting in drawing water to the filter even when the water surface is as much as 12” below the aquarium rim.

Redesigned Aquastop


Levers for better grip, strength and durability. Fluval’s AquaStop valve offers unparallel convenience and ease of use. It creates an air and watertight seal that allows you to disconnect hosing without breaking the vacuum that keeps air out of the line.

Lift Lock Clamps
The lift lock canister clamps have been redesigned to provide additional strength and less tensile flexing. The handles seat into the sides of canister for increased ergonomics and security. Fluval Lift locks canister clamps not only secure the filter head to the canister itself but also provides a convenient lever action that easily opens the filter without mess for your regular maintenance and changing of media.



Other new features
Increased Hydraulic performance
Less frequent maintenance
Increased water filtration performance
Cleaner water
Redesigned impeller cover
Less prone to breakage while cleaning
Hose lock nuts for improved security
Grip hose fittings

Fluval works to offer aquarists with the most up to date and highest quality aquatic products. They are designed and engineered for dependable performance and easy use With the Fluval 06 Line you are helping provide your fish with a proper healthy and beautiful home. The Fluval 06 Series of canister filers are made in our factory in Italy to the highest ISO 9001 standards.


Fewer Maintenance Intervals
The addition of Bio-Foam (not included in Fluval 106) as a secondary layer of both mechanical and biological filtration increases BIOMAX performance and extends the life of carbon and fine filter pads, thus resulting in a reduction in maintenance frequency. The Fluval 06 Line features a wide range of benefits that make Fluval Canisters Filters the best option for your aquarium. In comparison to the Fluval 05 Series the circulation rates of the 06 Series have increased by 10% and the head pressure has increased by 9%. The new line also offers a sound dampening impeller system designed to provide continuous silent operation keeping the filtration process at bay.

Product Features

  • Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 45 gallons
  • Sound dampening impeller design for a quieter operation
  • Equipped with a clog-proof intake strainer and a dual layer foam screen
  • Built with a patented Aquastop Valve, multiple filtration baskets, and rim connector assemblies; 3 year warranty
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