Finnex Ray2 Aquarium Day/Actinic LED Light, 48-Inch

This Contemporary Ultra Slim designed LED fixture features a series of intensive PAR LEDs to promote Marine and Freshwater growth. All models feature a moisture resistant PC Splash Guard to protect against water mishaps. The durable high output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours. A unique leg fixture allows this LED light to mount on various sized aquariums and sump setups. To extend LED bulb longevity, the circuit boards are built with high quality aluminum and the fixture itself acts as the heat sync to allow ample cooling and superior heat dissipation. 1/10 the power value of standard incandescent lighting and equivalent to three T5 bulbs. The Ray II comes in different lengths as well as Dual High Output LED combinations. Users have the options of a 16″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ fixture to meet their aquarium needs. Models are either equipped with a Dual 7,000k LED combo, 10,000k + Actinic combo or Dual 450~465nm High Intensive LED strips.

The Ultimate Unibody High Output Slim LED Light

10,000k + Actinic LEDs

Sustain must corals under such a small and sleek designed LED fixture. The mixture of 10,000k and actinic LEDs promote great coral growth along with displaying the vibrant colors your corals have to offer. Get rid of that bulky aquarium light of the old times and experience the benefits of LEDs.

Product Features

  • Finnex High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED, High PAR
  • 10000k/Actinic Dual LED Strips
  • 39 Watts: 384 HO LEDs
  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 3″ Wide x 1″ High
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    • Kevin M. Lowe
    • December 11, 2013

    Beautiful Color for reef tank! I usually never write reviews but based on how much this impressed me when I first turned it on and the fact that there are almost no reviews for this light anywhere on the net, I decided to write one. I have a 10 gallon reef tank and until now, never had good lighting for it. So, I have been researching a lot the past couple of months on different lighting because I am starting to add more and more corals to my setup. Man is this light bright and very beautiful. The strip of white LEDs with the strip of blue LEDs brings out a lot of color on my fish and corals…especially my star polyps.I have uploaded some pics that I took with my zoom. I was hesitant at first because the pics just don’t do it justice.Granted I just received this light today, but I would recommend this light to anyone with a small reef tank.I will add some notes in few weeks to see how my fish and corals react. I am also very interested to see if my green bubble tip anemone…

    • xreadx
    • December 11, 2013

    Fits FLUVAL Spec V (6 Gallon) Perfect Pros: Fits top perfect and really enhances tank lighting. Worth the money. Mounts to top and does not hang over sides.Cons: I used tiny rubber suction cups so plastic screws would not slide. This is not a issue with the light its just not made for a tank without sides to hang on to. Hope that makes sense. The rubber suction cups secure the plastic screws from sliding around.

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