Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium, 5 galllon

Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium – Simple and Elegant Desktop Fish Tank and Small AquariumMany of us have wanted an aquarium at some point, but we were discouraged by the common viewpoint that aquariums, even small aquariums, are a chore to clean and to maintain. Another reason for hesitation is that most aquariums do not match the decor within our home. Ecoexotic went back to basics, emphasizing minimalism and simplicity. The result is the Ecoexotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium, an elegant glass cube that’s truly inspirational, simple to set up and maintain. The EcoPico is a whole new aquarium lifestyle where everything is surprisingly simple and simply gorgeous. The EcoPico looks great from any seat in the house, thanks to what it’s missing. No plastic frame, no bulky filter and no rain gutter-shaped light. Redesigned down to the essential elements, this rimless desktop fish tank will turn any aquascape into a piece of art.Essential to the simple design is the ultra-thin LED lighting arm. Being sleek and lean, it produces stunning color and brilliant shimmer. A blend of blue and white LEDs casts the perfect color spectrum, while using minimal energy. Best of all, there are no lamps to replace and no mercury going into landfills, and the LEDs do not promote unsightly algae, making maintenance a breeze.The EcoPico aquarium system includes a 6mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 12K white and 453 nm actinic blue LEDs, and step-by-step instructions.

Product Features

  • Desktop fish tank with a modern and artistic design
  • Simple set-up and maintenance
  • Aquarium filter and pump included
  • Stylish and small aquarium equipped with Nano-Arm with blue and white LED lights
  • Safe, low-voltage, energy-efficient design
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