Azoo Mignon Filter 150 Power Filter

Aquarium hang on back power filter. Rated for aquariums up to 30 gallons.

Product Features

  • Quiet and efficient
  • Hang on back design
  • Easy to maintain
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    • beebuzz
    • August 21, 2013

    Great filter I’ve been running the Azoo Mignon filter in my fish tank for about two months now and it runs like a champ. It is very quiet (unless the water level in the tank drops, and then I just need to refresh the water levels–no fault of the filter) and seems to do a very good job keeping the tank clean. I have been using it on a smaller 5-gallon tank and I turned the flow down some so the water isn’t so turbulent. My goldfish (the only occupant in my tank) seems to like it and I see him hanging out occasionally around the spillway–he seems to like the slight briskness of the flow. I would highly recommend it. I’m sure it would do a fine job in a larger tank too.

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