Aqueon 17772 Mini Bow 2-1/2 Desktop Aquarium Kit, Blue

Now you can fit a beautiful aquarium into any home and decor with the Mini Bow Desktop Aquarum Kit. The Mini Bow 2-1/2 is small enough for a desk, bedside table, or countertop and comes with all components needed for a healthy aquarium environment. Kit Includes: Mini Bow 2-1/2 Aquarium, Mini Bow Quiet Flow Filter and Cartridge, Aquarium Light Hood, 15-Watt Incandescent Bulb, Aquarium Set-up and Care Guide, Water Conditioner and Premium Fish Food.

The Perfect Starter Kit

Filter Detail Lid AssemblyMini Bow Lid Assembly

The Aqueon Mini Bow is an ideal starter kit for any casual or beginning aquarist. Its 2.5-gallon capacity is ideal for small fish, and its small footprint will fit in just about any office, bedroom, or dorm room.


The kit comes with all the essentials for setting up an aquarium, including lighting, water conditioner, replacement filters, and fish food. The hood comes in classic black, bright blue or red. When you are ready to upgrade to a larger tank, the Mini Bow also comes in a 5 Gallon size. The Mini Bow 2.5-Gallon tank requires Aqueon Filter Cartridges in size small.


What’s in the Box

Mini Bow AquariumMini Bow Quiet Flow Filter and CartridgeAquarium Light Hood15 Watt Incandescent BulbAquarium Set-up and Care Guide Water ConditionerFish Food

Product Features

  • Fun and easy aquarium that fits anywhere
  • Perfect for a first aquarium
  • Right size for the office, school, dorm room or home
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    • Tiggy Bird "Cupcake"
    • July 14, 2013

    I love my mini bow and so does my betta After the most recent demise of my last Betta- Hot Temper, who bless his heart, lived 2 years in a 1 gallon fish bowl, I found myself in a fish store (not so soon after, I did mourn the little guy). Wandering about I could not deny my instant love for a feisty beautiful little guy the size of a small drapery tassel, I brought him home (instant gratification and instant love is my middle name)…and proceeded to give him ‘Hot Temper’s’ life all over again (yes…in a bowl), but this time I thought he might benefit from living at work with me (I work all the time)…fast forward to cute little fish, living on my desk, and between calls me looking up just what might make him happy (er)…I come to a sudden realization that I sucked as a fish mom(formerly) and needed to give the little guy what he truly deserved, more oxygen, more “toys”, more room and heat. I bought this little aquarium wonder (w/a black top),bye bye bowl, and wow have I got one happy fish! This tank is an easy set…

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